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Network Simulation

QualNet: (network simulator) accurate, faster-than-real-time network simulation software that can scale to large enterprise-wide systems.

EXata: (network simulator and emulator) for real-time network emulation and system-in-the-loop operation, integrating hardware, applications, and humans.

EXata Cyber: (EXata plus the Cyber Behavior Model Library) evaluate networks for their resiliency or vulnerability to cyber attack.

Joint Network Emulator (JNE)

The Joint Network Emulator (JNE) GOTS library is a live-virtual-constructive network simulation platform for the development, test, and evaluation of battlefield communications networks, applications, and net-centric systems. JNE provides a realistic network operational environment to test and evaluate performance at scale for a fraction of the cost of field exercises.

Cyber Training

Network Defense Trainer (NDT) integrates real and simulated cyber-attacks, wired and wireless virtual networks, live and virtual equipment and applications, and traditional kinetic warfare training simulators into a full, instrumented, synthetic cyber warfare training environment.

Cyber Test, and Analysis

StealthNet enables an environment and methodology for testing blue systems against cyber attacks in order to discover and validate vulnerabilities and to assess mission impact. It has the ability to interoperate in both live and virtual environments helping to determine and understand user behavior on how people communicate with each other in a distributed test-bed with live cyber threats.

Recent Webinars

Digital Mission Engineering: Advanced Network Modeling with AGI, An Ansys Company

11 March, 2021

As engineers and systems designers analyze complex networks and supporting infrastructure, digital engineering efforts can be expanded to include the bigger mission-context to understand impacts that design decisions may have on end-to-end connectivity and the system of systems interactions that are involved.  Connecting SCALABLE’s QualNet/EXata tools with AGI’s Systems Tool Kit brings an expanded digital

SCALABLE Releases EXata 7.3 – Enhanced 5G and Cyber Libraries and an Expanded Network Digital Twin Ecosystem

4 March, 2021

Learn about the newest release The webinar will introduce EXata 7.3, featuring Experiment Designer, our latest addition to the network digital twin eco-system, a web-based module to simplify management of experiments. During this Webinar, we will highlight some key features and benefits of our digital twin solutions to support continuous end-end analysis of networked systems:

The Autonomous Car Era

16 September, 2020

V2V V2X Network Communications In their first webinar together, ST Engineering Antycip and SCALABLE Network Technologies, will dive into Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communication systems and how to improve connectivity for the autonomous car era. SCALABLE Network Technologies is known for providing unique network modeling and simulation software systems to commercial enterprises, government and

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Cyber Hardening Multi-Domain Missions

Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) relies on a geographically dispersed, connected network of sensors, platforms, and weapon systems operating in harsh and contested environments to achieve mission success.  In this era of renewed great power competition and sophisticated cyber threats, it is imperative that we assess the cyber resilience and survivability of networks

Using Network Digital Twins for 5G Network Planning

5G wireless technology promises a revolution in communications with substantially increased data speeds, significant capacity expansion, improved reliability, and much lower latency.  Leveraging 5G-enabled communications, a plethora of applications and services are being launched that will impact virtually every industry: from tele-medicine to smart cities, from improved tactical communications for the military to enabling the

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