SCALABLE develops high-performance communications simulation software used by governmental and military organizations, educational institutions, and commercial enterprises around the world to:

DESIGN new communications technology, new network architectures, and new modes of operation

PLAN deployments, reconfigurations and upgrades of all types of communications networks

TEST the reliability and resiliency of networks in a rapidly changing environment, systems inter-operability in times of technology transition, and vulnerabilities to cyber attack

DEPLOY equipment in a low-risk manner by enabling virtual systems tests before significant physical investment

TRAIN network architects on the effective design, and network users on the effective usage, of dynamic, multi-vendor, mission-critical communications systems in a systematic, cost-effective manner

The Three Key Attributes of SCALABLE Simulation Solutions

Large, sophisticated environments can be rapidly simulated in “high definition” (great detail and accuracy) so that a wide range of scenarios are evaluated efficiently.

Networks which now include highly mobile wireless equipment carrying voice, data and video traffic in ground-based, seaborne and airborne environments can be modeled effectively.

Virtual network models and live physical hardware and software can integrate and interoperate in real-time to deliver a simulation environment that is highly realistic.

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