Defending Power Grids & Learning from the Ukraine Attack Using Network Digital Twins

Originally aired October 13, 2021 at 1:00 pm ET

Taking a close look at one of the most important cyber attacks of the past decade offers unique insight concerning the ways that training, mitigation, and prevention can be boosted using network digital twins. To prepare for the inevitable future cyber-attacks, it is essential to understand and thoroughly analyze how cyber attackers can infiltrate the system, even those employing robust defense-in-depth strategies.

 This webinar will highlight our unique solution, developed with OPAL-RT Technologies, for protecting Critical Infrastructure. It will include a demo mimicking the 2015 Ukraine power grid attack. You will see how the attack can be modeled using our network digital twin cyber resilience tools.

 Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How network digital twins can be used to analyze and understand, and hence prepare for, real world attacks
  • EXata CPS can be interfaced with OPAL-RT’s HYPERSIM or RT-LAB which models the dynamics of the power grid

Watch the Webinar

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    About the Host

    Lloyd Wihl is Director of Application Engineering at SCALABLE Network Technologies. He graduated in Engineering from McGill University, and is a recipient of the NASA achievement award. He has extensive experience in real-time simulation, and has led multi-million dollar projects in fields that include synthetic digitized battlefields, network-centric systems, cyber threat assessment, control systems for flexible robotic manipulators, air traffic management, intelligent transportation, and public safety. Mr. Wihl has published several papers on cyber warfare synthetic environments, and had the vision for, and guided development of SCALABLE’s Network Defense Trainer, which integrates cyber and kinetic domains.

    Shijia Li received her Bachelor’s degree from Zhejiang University, China in 2012 and Master’s degree from McGill University, Canada in 2015, both in the field of power engineering. She joined OPAL-RT since March 2015 where her work focuses on power system modeling and real-time simulation applications with protective relays and PMUs. Shijia is actively involved in developing technical solutions to help users better utilize real-time simulation to explore the latest smart grid technologies.

    Mehrdad Kazemtabrizi is a simulation expert at OPAL-RT. He received the Master’s degree in Electric Power Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. Worked as a research engineer at the Department of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) at KTH in the area of IEC 61850 substation automation and protection design also with the configuration of protection relays. Later he joined FMTP Power AB in Stockholm as an application engineer and afterward he was employed by OPAL-RT.

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