Digital Mission Engineering: Advanced Network Modeling with AGI, An Ansys Company

Originally aired March 31, 2021 at 2:00 pm EDT

As engineers and systems designers analyze complex networks and supporting infrastructure, digital engineering efforts can be expanded to include the bigger mission-context to understand impacts that design decisions may have on end-to-end connectivity and the system of systems interactions that are involved.  Connecting SCALABLE’s QualNet/EXata tools with AGI’s Systems Tool Kit brings an expanded digital mission engineering capability to advanced network design analysis and provides engineers with a deeper understanding of their communications systems performance and ability to meet mission requirements.

During this Webinar hosted alongside our partners at AGI, we will highlight some key features and benefits of the SCALABLE + AGI Integration:

  • Better prediction of performance in the operational environment by establishing highly realistic mission scenarios
  • Increased confidence and productivity during conceptual design, requirements validation, field test planning and analysis, and operations
  • Tailored design and operations of the communication system specific to the needs of each mission
  • Improved levels of fidelity in the analysis of mobile communications

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    About the Host

    Lloyd Wihl is Director of Application Engineering at SCALABLE Network Technologies. He graduated in Engineering from McGill University, and is a recipient of the NASA achievement award. He has extensive experience in real-time simulation, and has led multi-million dollar projects in fields that include synthetic digitized battlefields, network-centric systems, cyber threat assessment, control systems for flexible robotic manipulators, air traffic management, intelligent transportation, and public safety. Mr. Wihl has published several papers on cyber warfare synthetic environments, and had the vision for, and guided development of SCALABLE’s Network Defense Trainer, which integrates cyber and kinetic domains.

    Nate McBee is currently a Sr. Systems Engineer focused on the development of strategic partnerships at AGI, An Ansys Company, the producer of commercial analysis software for land, sea, air, and space systems. With a background ranging from space system design to small unmanned aircraft, Nate applies AGI’s solutions through digital engineering techniques and integrations with a growing number of strategic business partners’ tools to answer today’s most demanding systems engineering problems across the aerospace, defense, and commercial sectors.

    Nate has been with AGI for over 15 years, several of which were spent in Singapore supporting AGI’s Asia-Pacific team as well as managing the international engineering team. Prior to this, Nate held various positions within the engineering team as a systems engineer supporting numerous programs and pursuits.

    Originally from Tennessee, Nate is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, where he holds both Bachelor of Science (2004) and Master of Science (2007) degrees in Aerospace Engineering.

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