SCALABLE Releases EXata 7.3 – Enhanced 5G and Cyber Libraries and an Expanded Network Digital Twin Ecosystem

Originally aired March 18, 2021 at 3:00 pm ET

Learn about the newest release

The webinar will introduce EXata 7.3, featuring Experiment Designer, our latest addition to the network digital twin eco-system, a web-based module to simplify management of experiments.

During this Webinar, we will highlight some key features and benefits of our digital twin solutions to support continuous end-end analysis of networked systems:

  • Experiment Designer, a web-based application where the user can create experiments using our network model library components, covering a wide range of options for terrain, traffic, weather, protocols, etc.
  • Expansion on our 5G model library capabilities to ensure the reliability, resilience, and security of networks
  • Enhanced cyber modeling capabilities that include a GUI-based editor to specify cyber missions, expanded library of historical attacks, and new attacks that include phishing, ransomware, and data-stealing attacks in host model

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    About the Host

    Lloyd Wihl is Director of Application Engineering at SCALABLE Network Technologies. He graduated in Engineering from McGill University, and is a recipient of the NASA achievement award. He has extensive experience in real-time simulation, and has led multi-million dollar projects in fields that include synthetic digitized battlefields, network-centric systems, cyber threat assessment, control systems for flexible robotic manipulators, air traffic management, intelligent transportation, and public safety. Mr. Wihl has published several papers on cyber warfare synthetic environments, and had the vision for, and guided development of SCALABLE’s Network Defense Trainer, which integrates cyber and kinetic domains.

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