Network Software Engineer

We are actively looking for both experienced software engineers and entry level engineers to join our team where you will be involved in developing network scenarios, programming networking protocols and running large-scale simulations. 

Key Job Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for development and execution of real-time network simulation and emulation products.
  • Design network scenarios to analyze the best case and worst case performance of wired and wireless networks using high-performance multi-core and cluster computers.
  • Design and develop simulation models for networking protocols based on standards
  • Create new tools and technologies to improve the design, analysis and deployment of wireless networks.
  • Develop, test and evaluate network scenarios that integrate and interoperate EXata-based software virtual networks (SVN) with real hardware (VoIP phones, routers and other customer equipment)
  • Document and communicate issues, risks and concerns to stakeholders, developers, sponsors.
  • Work closely with cross functional teams to identify and resolve technical, business, and process related issues.
Qualifications Required:
  • Bachelor's in Computer Science or Computer Engineering. MS or PhD is a plus
  • Experience with C/C++ and/or other object oriented programming languages
  • Basic knowledge/awareness of TCP/IP protocol stack and OSI network model
  • Familiarity with software engineering processes/methodologies
  • Experience with discrete event simulation tools or similar is a plus.
  • Unable to sponsor H1B Visa's at this time.

 To apply, email your resume to

Direct applicants only. Agency applications will not be accepted.