Network Topology Conversion

SCALABLE has developed a web-based utility called “Topology Conversion for Visio” (TCV).  It is the first of an expected family of tools to accelerate the creation of Virtual Network Model configuration files for both the simulation platforms and the Network Defense Trainer.

TCV can read in a structured Visio data file that describes the layout and connectivity of a network architecture, and outputs a .config and .nodes file for SCALABLE products. The configuration can then be edited using the SCALABLE GUI as usual to add any additional details in order to create fully functional scenarios.

Network Topology Conversion Functional Overview

  1. TCV is hosted on a web server and is accessed via a browser at a specific URL
  2. A user specifies a name of a Visio .VDX file (from Visio 2007 & 2010, and SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper) to upload to the server
  3. TCV returns the corresponding SCALABLE scenario files in a .ZIP folder

Current Features

  • Read and parse user-specific information (IP-Address only) from the properties section of Visio shapes, and use this information to give custom IP-Addresses to nodes in the configuration file
  • Conversion of topology having basic shapes present in network stencil of Visio 2010
  • Support of Visio files in .vdx format generated via solarwind’s NTM
  • Handling L2 switches (switches present in network stencil of Visio 2010 are assumed L2 switches by default)
  • Handling L3 switches (present in Visio files generated via solarwind’s NTM)
  • VLAN configuration for L2/L3 switches
  • Export of image icons from Visio file
  • Textbox search (IP addresses provided in a textbox are assigned to the nearest connector end point)

Supported Shapes

Following Visio shapes are mapped to default nodes:

  • Mainframe
  • Super Computer
  • Printer
  • Plotter
  • Scanner
  • Copier
  • Fax
  • Modem
  • Smart phone
  • Wireless access point
  • Firewall
  • Digital camera
  • Video Camera
  • Server
  • PC
  • iMAC
  • Tablet computer
  • PDA
  • Laptop Computer
  • Terminal
  • Radio tower
  • Satellite dish
  • Router
  • Host
  • Terminal server
  • ATM router
  • File server
  • Web server
  • eMail server
  • Database server
  • Mobile information server
  • eCommerce server
  • Streaming media server
  • Content management server
  • Management server
  • Application server
  • Directory server
  • Print server
  • Real-timer proxy server
  • Proxy server
  • Comm server
  • Gateway
  • Certificate server
  • Public/Private key server

The following Visio shapes in Visio 2010 are currently mapped to an L2 switch:

  • Switch
  • Bridge

The following Visio shapes in Visio 2010 are currently mapped to a hub:

  • Hub
  • Ethernet
  • Cloud
  • Ring Network
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