Antycip Simulation and SCALABLE Network Technologies Selected by TerraNet for 802.11s Mesh Network Simulation

– QualNet network simulator supports the evolution of TerraNet’s innovative mesh network technology that will deliver telecom services to rural areas –

dateCulver City, CA — SCALABLE Network Technologies, Inc. (SCALABLE), the leader in communications simulation technology, announced today that the QualNet® network simulator has been selected by TerraNet AB (TerraNet) for the development of its innovative wireless mesh network technology.

TerraNet is a Swedish startup company that is improving traditional cellular communications by enhancing coverage and lowering costs. TerraNet develops mobile mesh networking and VoIP radio platform that complements GSM/CDMA cellular networks in rural areas of developing countries. “We are developing communications technology for the 1.9 billion people that cannot access traditional wired networks or afford cellular phones,” says Pär-Olof Johannesson, CEO of TerraNet.

In order to assess its radio design in realistic environments, the company selected QualNet from SCALABLE Networks Technologies, through its European distributor Antycip Simulation Ltd (Antycip Simulation), a subsidiary of ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) Pte Ltd.

“QualNet is the only simulator providing us with sufficient libraries for radio channel modeling and complete PHY-MAC functionality ideal for our needs. As a start-up company, it is a strategic decision to make such an investment in a simulator, but we firmly believe that it is the right decision.” ~ Christian BJÖRK, Chief Technology Officer, TerraNet

Antycip Simulation provided training and technical expertise to enhance QualNet according to TerraNet’s requirements.

The QualNet platform is a network simulation tool from SCALABLE that allows users to test and evaluate the end-to-end performance of wireless networks like WiFi, WiMAX, 3G cellular, ZigBee and others using high-fidelity simulation models. Unlike traditional simulators, QualNet uses a parallel kernel to take advantage of the latest Intel® and AMD® multi-core processors and Linux clusters to provide fast, scalable and highly realistic simulations of large networks. Device developers, service providers and network designers use it to ensure predictable and robust performance of commercial and military networks.

“QualNet allows us to simulate the behavior of our technology on a village scale with user scenarios cases including movement and behavior patterns. Our customer has a certain set of village types, and these are very easily modeled in QualNet. We will model network range, capacity, latency and power consumption for the typical settings we have defined.” ~ Magnus ÅSTRÖM, Communications Systems Specialist, TerraNet

“The ability to set up a low cost communications system in rural areas can have dramatic, positive impact on a significant part of the world’s population, and exemplifies the good that technology can bring to the developing world. We are pleased to be part of TerraNet’s innovative work, and forging a mutually fruitful partnership.” ~ Dirk Eastman, VP Sales & Marketing, Scalable Network Technologies