New EXata/Cyber Platform Provides Advanced Emulation For Cyber Security Capability Development

– New tool creates synthetic networks that expose real communication network vulnerabilities, particularly in the most vulnerable wireless domain –

dateLos Angeles, CA — SCALABLE Network Technologies, Inc. (SCALABLE), the leader in communications simulation technology, announced today the introduction of the EXata®/Cyber simulation platform, a new software tool designed specifically to support and accelerate development of cyber security capability for communication networks. EXata/Cyber provides a robust emulation environment that can expose vulnerabilities (friendly and opposing) that threaten communication networks and enables the rapid development and testing of countermeasures.

 Based on the EXata® emulation platform, EXata/Cyber makes it possible to rigorously vet networks through the creation of a “software virtual network” (SVN).  SVNs are exact digital replicas of physical networks in virtual space – indistinguishable from a real network.  SVNs are based on emulation, which enables them able to interoperate with applications, devices, management tools, threats, and people – at real time speed.  In contrast to other systems, SVNs emulate all of the layers in IP networks, scaling up to thousands of nodes.  This provides cyber security planners with high-fidelity results that are comparable to physical testing – but more easily configurable and at much lower cost.  This, in turn, makes it possible to design security into the networks and applications themselves, as opposed to bolting solutions on after the fact.

In today’s cyber war conundrum, this capability brings advantage in a number of crucial areas: revealing vulnerabilities in network configurations; emulating mobile network performance where malicious attacks may be confused with environmental effects; understanding effects of cascading node failures; and training deployed personnel to rapidly defend and restore networks and shut down intruders.

EXata/Cyber Package

The main components of the EXata/Cyber platform include a Graphical User Interface (Architect, Analyzer, File Editor), emulation kernel, Universal Protocol Adapter, Connection Manager, and Packet Sniffer and SNMP Agent. Also included is a library of protocol models for many types of networks and cyber capabilities.

EXata/Cyber comes in two parts: the main EXata emulation engine that creates a digital replica of the user’s target network, and the Connection Manager that runs on their operational systems.  Applications need no modification or customization to use the Connection Manager and run their network traffic over the EXata network.  Connection Manager supports a large variety of applications such as Internet browsers, tactical communications, situational awareness information, sensor data, instant messengers, VoIP, streaming video and multi-player games.

For testing networks for cyber warfare readiness, EXata/Cyber can also interface with Semi-Automated Forces (SAF) or Computer Generated Forces (CGF) via HLA or DIS standards.  SAFs provide a rich environment to represent a full range of operations, systems, and control processes from entity up to brigade level.  Using a standard interface like HLA/DIS, EXata/Cyber can serve as the communications effects server for a SAF, providing realistic communications with cyber attack and defense.