SCALABLE Announces Availability of Scenario Player

– Add-On module to the QualNet and EXata platforms uses high-definition 3D graphical animation to clearly explain critical communications behavior to non-technical managers –

calendarCulver City, CA — SCALABLE Network Technologies, Inc. (SCALABLE), the leader in communications simulation technology, announced today the availability of a new Scenario Player module for the QualNet® and EXata® communications simulation platforms. Scenario Player reads the scenario configuration files for the critical communications models created by the platforms and presents the behavior represented in the models in a highly visual manner that is easily understood by senior managers and mission commanders. 

Communications systems for critical environments such as large-scale public safety, online financial transactions or military missions are architected to deliver as close to 100 percent availability as possible since any disruption in the real-time flow of information has costs measured in lives and livelihood. SCALABLE communications simulation platforms enable network planners and IT specialists to model their environments in very high fidelity, and efficiently run through a wide range of very realistic potential operating scenarios, including cyber attacks, to ensure communications will perform as required. It has always been a challenge, however, to present the results of the simulation processes to non-technical personnel who may have senior level responsibility for the networked environment. Scenario Player effectively addresses this issue with high-resolution 3D graphical animation. 

Over the last 14 years, as communications simulation technology has moved from the research lab into mainstream IT, the user profile has dramatically changed. Business executives and military commanders need information on their critical communications in a manner they can quickly grasp and respond to. Our new Scenario Player takes all of the hard work that communications specialists put in to their planning and presents it so that leadership decisions can be made.

Andy Mazzarella, SCALABLE CEO 

Scenario Player is based on a modern high-performance graphical rendering engine used extensively in the gaming industry. It processes the results of a scenario simulation in real time, displaying the network elements and the communications flows between them. If there is a terrain definition as part of the scenario, it is displayed in high resolution, and the mobile network elements move realistically across the terrain. Scenario Player is strictly a replay application, with no scenario configuration file editing capabilities. The user running Scenario Player can move through the modeled virtual environment using standard mouse-driven pan-and-zoom mechanisms. Other user controls include:

    • A toggle to switch between the standard 3D and a look-down 2D mode
    • A toggle to switch the display into a high contrast mode that makes the network elements and the communications flows stand out more strongly from the terrain background
    • A switch to enable the user to enter human-in-the-loop (HITL) commands
    • A toggle to switch basic node statistical display on or off


Two versions of the module are being announced: Scenario Player & Scenario Player Mobile. Scenario Player (standard) can be installed on either the same host as a SCALABLE simulation platform or on a remote host. In both cases, Scenario Player is configured to connect to a simulation platform and use the underlying simulation engine to drive the scenario display. When a scenario is run in the Player, it uses the resource licenses configured in the platform for Model Libraries and processor cores.

Scenario Player Mobile can also be installed on either the same host as a SCALABLE simulation platform or on a remote host, but it includes an embedded version of the SCALABLE simulation engine. When a scenario is played in Scenario Player Mobile, it uses the embedded simulation engine to drive the display. This embedded engine includes a full set of resource licenses for all SCALABLE Model Libraries which do not require user-compilation, except the Military Radios library. The primary intent of Scenario Player Mobile is to enable scenarios built by skilled technical personnel on simulation platforms to be viewed and analyzed by other personnel completely “untethered” from the platforms. For example, a scenario developed in a lab using the EXata platform on a Linux server can be copied onto a PC and taken to a presentation. 

Scenario Player is supported on Microsoft Windows 7 systems and the CentOS 5.3 Linux platform. Support for other versions of Linux platforms, and MS Windows 8, will be available later this year. 

Pricing and Availability 

A Scenario Player (standard) license for either MS Windows or Linux is priced at $7,500. A license for Scenario Player Mobile for either MS Windows or Linux is priced at $13,500. Scenario Player (standard) will be available in early Q2 to coincide with the releases of the next simulation platforms: QualNet 7 and EXata 5. Scenario Player Mobile is available now. 

Backward Compatibility 

Scenario Player Mobile is fully compatible with scenario configuration files created on the most recent versions of the simulation platforms: QualNet 6 and EXata 4. Scenarios created on older versions of the platforms may work, but some inconsistent behavior has been found in testing. When Scenario Player (standard) is available, it will require QualNet 7 or EXata 5.


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