SCALABLE Demonstrates Undersea Communications Modeling and Simulation

FDECO Integrated Network Simulators (FINS) Demonstration Shows Future of Unmanned Undersea Vehicle Operations

Culver City, CA (9 May 2018) – SCALABLE Network Technologies, Inc. (SCALABLE) a leader in multi-domain network design and optimization tools, continues to support and enhance our high-fidelity undersea communications and networking simulation/emulation tool developed for the Forward Deployed Energy and Communications Outpost (FDECO) program.  Multiple mission scenarios involving shore command centers, ships, submarines, unmanned air and undersea vehicles (UAVs/UUVs) and forward deployed outposts were developed and executed in the SCALABLE simulation/emulation environment to demonstrate the benefits of establishing undersea energy and communications nodes.  Multiple communications methods and protocols were explored in each scenario, including fiber optics, Satellite Communications (SATCOM), Very Low Frequency (VLF) propagation, Line-of-Sight Radio Frequency (RF), Acoustic, Free Space Optical and “Data Ferring” using UUVs/UAVs, thus demonstrating SCALABLE’s ability to conduct high-fidelity communications and networking modeling and simulation across all physical domains (undersea to space).

The FDECO Integrated Network Simulator (FINS) developed by SCALABLE provides high-fidelity models of outpost and vehicle energy management, as well as, all necessary communications between ashore command centers, afloat commanders and individual ships and submarines operating in challenging environments where normal communications methods have been denied or degraded.

FINS includes a high resolution three-dimensional visualization of vehicle operations and communications events to assist planners and operators in understanding the dynamics of mission execution and data transfers.  FINS can also be interfaced with other simulations and live components to provide a comprehensive Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) environment for evaluating undersea energy, sensor, and communications solutions.

“Unmanned Underwater Vehicles are performing more and more missions in support of US Navy worldwide operations, and FINS enables requirements, acquisition, and operational communities to evaluate and identify optimal means of planning, executing and supporting those missions, stated Jeff Hoyle, SCALABLE’s Vice President of Federal Programs.”

SCALABLE’s acoustic and optical communications models significantly enhance the networking and communication simulation capabilities of EXata, along with the Joint Network Emulator (JNE) Library, a GOTs product and expands the library of channel and communication models into this increasingly important operational domain. The resulting capability is compatible with tools developed for JNE to allow for modeling and simulation of future Navy concepts of operations that integrate FDECO and other undersea assets with existing communication networks. SCALABLE’s network models support operations in a Disrupted, Disconnected, Intermittent, Limited Bandwidth (D-DIL) environment throughout all physical domains and cyberspace.  SCALABLE’s simulation and emulation software can be readily federated with other simulators making it the perfect choice to evaluate underwater network resiliency and performance, and their impact on Navy missions.