SCALABLE to Exhibit at Southeastern Cyber Security Summit

Featuring Live Interactive Demonstrations of Network Defense Trainer

Culver City, CA (1 June 2015) – SCALABLE Network Technologies, Inc. (SCALABLE), a leader in wireless network design and optimization tools, announced today that it will be providing interactive demos of Network Defense Trainer (NDT) , our live-virtual-constructive (LVC) cyber training system, in Booth 5 on June 3rd & 4th in Huntsville, AL.  NDT integrates real and simulated cyberspace operations, wired and wireless virtual networks, live and virtual equipment and applications, and traditional kinetic warfare training simulators into a full, instrumented synthetic cyber warfare training environment.

“We are excited to be participating at the Cyber Security Summit for the first time” said Jim Zierick, SCALABLE’s CEO.  “NDT is a unique training system which supports the events theme of Cyber Training, Education, and Workforce Development for the Evolving Threat”.

“Training to recognize cyber-attacks and respond rapidly and effectively is imperative because mistakes have immediate consequences. The combined cyber / kinetic battlefield drives a need to simulate engagements in high fidelity where each domain affects the other” explains Mr. Lloyd Wihl, SCALABLE’s Director of Technical Sales.

SCALABLE’s Network Defense Trainer accurately emulates a distributed network system, allowing both live and virtual hosts to be connected, while the system seamlessly integrates with other training systems including air traffic control, flight training, and kinetic battlefield simulators.  SCALABLE developed NDT to allow cyber warriors and command and staff to train as they fight, improving their awareness, reaction time and ability to take corrective action to work through a degraded cyber environment and successfully complete a mission.