SCALABLE Granted Patent for Network Virtualization

– Award Covers a Method for Virtualization of Networking System Software via Emulation –

dateCulver City, CA — SCALABLE Network Technologies, Inc. (SCALABLE), the leader in network virtualization technology for planning, testing and training, announced today the granting by the US Patent Office of a patent that covers a mechanism for creating virtual network environments on a single computing system that accurately emulate complex heterogeneous physical environments made up of thousands of network nodes. Researchers and engineers can use the virtual network environments for ‘in situ’ testing of network applications and devices for a variety of target networking technologies or network operating conditions without requiring access to a live target network.

The patent for invention number 8,600,726 B1 is for a system and method for virtualization of networking system software via emulation.

Systems and applications developers responsible for deploying new devices and software across large distributed heterogeneous network environments need an effective way to test and verify correct functionality. Replicating thousands of nodes and links, especially wireless connections, in a constantly changing live test bed, however, is neither cost-effective nor physically realistic. 

In a virtual network, an entire target test network is represented by a high fidelity network emulation which is transparently embedded in a single host computer such that an application can transparently experience the full operating characteristics of the target test network. 

In other words, this technology allows a developer to run any application, such as video streaming, in their laboratory and demonstrate the impact of various network technologies, such as wireless from 802.11a to 802.11ac, under a variety of real-world operating conditions, such as high contention and urban mobility, on the performance of the application. This can also be used by R&D engineers to investigate the impact of network protocol modifications on the end-end performance of applications designed for operation on current and proposed wireless networks.

Dr. Rajive Bagrodia, SCALABLE founder and CTO