SCALABLE Network Defense Trainer Enters Field Trials

– Innovative Cyber Training System Engaged in Global Evaluations –

calendarCulver City, CA — SCALABLE Network Technologies, Inc. (SCALABLE), the leader in network modeling and simulation technology, announced today that the new Network Defense Trainer cyber training system has entered Phase 2 of external field trials.

The Network Defense Trainer is a web-based distributed cyber training system that enables personnel responsible for managing and operating critical communications networks to experience a wide range of cyber attack behavior in a highly realistic simulated environment and then gain hands-on experience mitigating the effects of the attacks. 

Existing cyber training systems typically use large numbers of expensive interconnected virtual machines (VMs) to replicate a networked environment and tend to focus solely on exploiting host vulnerabilities.  In contrast, a Network Defense Trainer system leverages high fidelity virtual network models simulating thousands of nodes and networks links in a very cost-effective manner, and which can then have both live hosts and VMs attached as appropriate for specific training exercises.  This environment allows for a wider range of exercises that include exploiting and defending both host and network vulnerabilities. 

In addition, the use of virtual network models in the Network Defense Trainer system allows for the inclusion of mobile wireless elements such as tactical radios, tablets and smartphones, both simulated and live, in training exercises.  The Network Defense Trainer is also able to interoperate with other types of training simulators such as computer-generated forces systems.

For this test phase, the Network Defense Trainer is being installed at a number of different facilities.  These include an international defense contractor across multiple countries, a state university computer science department and an Asian cyber training solutions integrator.