SCALABLE Network Technologies Awarded Contract to Enhance Battlefield Tactical Networks ($3 Million)

Integrated Simulation Based Planning Framework and Semi-Automated Tools to Reduce Complexity of Test Support Network Planning  

Culver City, CA (24 January 2017) — SCALABLE Network Technologies, Inc. (SCALABLE) a leader in wireless network design and optimization tools, announced today that the company was awarded a three year, $3 million  project from the Test & Evaluation / Science & Technology Program at the Test Resource Management Center. SCALABLE will be supporting the Integrated Planning of Tactical, Test Support, and Tactical Engagement Networks (IPT3N).  IPT3N will help to identify and mitigate potential interference among the networked system under test and the test infrastructure equipment.  It will also enable test planners to ensure that the test support network (TSN) provides adequate coverage to the exercise control (EXCon) and real-time casualty assessment (RTCA) applications for status monitoring, data collection and interactions between live and virtual forces.  This new integrated planning capability will significantly improve the quality and quantities of data collected and help shape battlefield effects making operational tests more realistic while simultaneously reducing costs and planning time. It will allow for improved resource utilization by optimizing placement of towers and re-planning mobile and airborne assets on-demand to optimize a given deployment.

SCALABLE was awarded this contract based on decades of experience with simulation of wireless networks, test and evaluation of military communication networks, signal propagation computation, and related technologies.  We have a long established track record of successful transition of science and technology programs and SBIR projects.  SCALABLE was the prime contractor for the StealthNet program, which completed a successful integration with the Joint Network Emulator (JNE). Cyber TASE, has adopted StealthNet as its cyber simulation engine and is investing in its continued development and maturation.

“Although advanced Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) technology exists for modeling tactical networks (e.g., Joint Network Emulator), the state of the art technologies to plan the test support and tactical engagement networks has not advanced as rapidly. The proposed planning tool will help the test community to minimize interference among the networks and optimize deployment of the test support network within given resource constraints,” said Rajive Bagrodia, CEO of SCALABLE.

“With their previous experience in developing tactical battlefield communications, SCALABLE has the expertise necessary to meet the challenges involved in creating such an integrated planning capability. We expect that this technology will find significant applicability among the test communities across the services” said Gil Torres, Executing Agent for the C4I & Software Intensive Systems Test (C4T) Test Technology Area (TTA) for the Test Resource Management Centre (TRMC) Science & Technology (S&T) Program.

“IPT3N has great potential to help the Operational Test Command close several key gaps in our planning and deployment of tactical, tactical engagement and test support networks as we prepare to do more expeditionary testing, on dramatically compressed schedules, to test the next generation of combat and combat support systems”, said John Diem, Director of Test Technology at USA OTC, Ft Hood.