SCALABLE Network Technologies to Exhibit and Present at I/ITSEC

Booth 1132 to Feature, Live Interactive Demos and SCALABLE Team Members Will Present Three Technical Papers

Culver City, CA (20 November 2018) — SCALABLE Network Technologies, Inc. (SCALABLE), a leader in wireless and wireline network design and optimization solutions, announced today that SCALABLE Engineers will present three papers about the latest technological advances on 28 November at I/ITSEC in Orlando, FL.

§  “Assessing Cyber Resilience of Military Systems Using LVC Models” 10:30 AM in Room S320B

§  “Simulation of In-Theater VLF Communications to Unmanned Underwater Vehicles”  3:00 PM in Room S320C

§  “Effective Deployment of LVC-TE on Wide Area Networks ” 4:00 PM in Room S320E

In addition, SCALABLE team members will showcase our modeling and simulation capabilities. We will feature our live-virtual-constructive (LVC) cyber training system, Network Defense Trainer (NDT) which integrates cyber warfare with traditional kinetic warfare training. Our EXata network emulation software will highlight our heat map capabilities along with various scenarios such as airborne networking capabilities using Link-16 and our Multi Domain Tactical Network Modeling abilities that connect communications for Air, Land and Underwater domains. Also, EXata and OPAL-RT will demonstrate how to model cyber physical solutions for critical infrastructure.

“SCALABLE is excited to take part in I/ITSEC 2018,” stated L. Christine Van Slyke, SCALABLE VP of Sales, Marketing and Business Development. “This is a great opportunity for us to present our newest technical papers and share our industry expertise with the modeling and simulation community. In conjunction, our latest software solutions and newest product advancements will be on display in our booth.”

Contact us to schedule an appointment at I/ITSEC 2018 and learn more about how SCALABLE solutions can meet the evolving needs of our defense community and deliver innovative cybersecurity solutions.

About SCALABLE Network Technologies

SCALABLE Network Technologies is the leading provider of live/virtual/constructive communications/networking modeling and simulation tools across all domains (undersea-to-space). We deliver virtualization technology for development, analysis, evaluation, and training to military, governmental, commercial, and academic institutions. Our high fidelity, real-time simulation platform incorporates physics-based models of military and commercial satellite, tactical, acoustic and optical networks along with emulation interfaces for live/virtual/constructive integration. Our cyber behavior models provide a vulnerability analysis framework with configurable cyber attack and defense models for IP networks, weapon systems, as well as cyber-physical networks. SCALABLE’s solutions are used by our customers to assess the performance and cyber resiliency of networked communications environments, and support system lifecycle management and operator training.

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