SCALABLE Networks to Present and Exhibit at ITEC 2015

Culver City, CA (23 April 2015) –SCALABLE Network Technologies, Inc. (SCALABLE), a leader in wireless network design and optimization tools, announced today that Mr. Lloyd Wihl, Director of Technical Sales at SCALABLE, will be presenting “Embedded Training for Cyber Warfare” on 28 April 2015 at the ITEC Expo in Prague. This presentation highlights new approach for warfighters to train for cyber-attacks in a kinetic battlespace while using deployed operational systems and equipment.

Mr. Wihl presents a new approach that integrates simulated cyber-attacks, live deployed equipment, virtual networks, and constructive simulations into a full, instrumented, synthetic cyber warfare training environment. The approach allows trainee performance centered on awareness, reaction time and correct action (at all levels), along with the ability to work through a degraded cyber environment, to be monitored and evaluated. The audience will see an example of how cyber-attacks and trainee misunderstanding of these attacks can seriously affect a mission outcome.

SCALABLE will also be demonstrating our new, live-virtual-constructive (LVC) cyber training system, Network Defense Trainer (NDT), alongside our partner Antycip Simulation in Stand 3A-310. These live demonstrations will show how NDT integrates cyber warfare training with traditional kinetic warfare training.

“Training to recognize cyber-attacks and respond rapidly and effectively is imperative, because mistakes have immediate consequences. The combined cyber / kinetic battlefield drives a need to simulate engagements in high fidelity where each domain affects the other. NDT is unique in that it creates a high fidelity training environment for this complex problem” explains Mr. Wihl.  “Both the presentation and live demos in our stand at ITEC will show how SCALABLE has developed training solutions for combined kinetic and cyberspace operations.”

About Mr. Lloyd Wihl

Mr. Lloyd Wihl has over 30 years of experience in the Modeling, Simulation and Training industry.  He developed system architectures for military simulation and training, and has led multi-million dollar projects in the areas of synthetic environments, network-centric systems, distributed mission training, air traffic management, space systems, visual systems, and flight simulation. He had the vision for, and guided the development of SCALABLE’s new cyber warfare training system, the first live-virtual-constructive cyber training system in the world. Mr. Wihl graduated with distinction in Engineering from McGill University.