SCALABLE Releases JNE Version 4.6

Updates to Joint Network Emulator increase performance and scalability for tactical battlefield communications

Culver City, CA (8 March 2017) – SCALABLE Network Technologies, Inc. (SCALABLE), a leader in wireless network, design and optimization tools, announced today the availability of version 4.6 of the Joint Network Emulator (JNE). A GOTS library to model tactical communications and networks, JNE runs on EXata, SCALABLE’s COTS modeling and simulation software that provides military personnel and defense contractors with a high-fidelity, live- virtual-constructive (LVC) modeling and simulation environment. This degree of fidelity and scalability makes it possible to quickly and cost-effectively plan battlefield network architectures and mission scenarios, test new radios and emerging network components in operationally accurate contexts and at scale deployments and train warfighters.

“It is necessary for our software to adapt to the ever changing needs of our defense customers,” said Rajive Bagrodia, CEO of SCALABLE. “Our goal is to provide a high-fidelity, validated, and cost-effective platform for end-end performance assessment of our battlefield networks and communications that include both legacy and emerging systems, and can be scaled to test an entire system of systems. This new release ofJNE is part of our continuous commitment to deliver increased value and a more productive, realistic testing and analysis environment, to get the best equipment possible in the hands of our warfighters.”

The JNE4.6 release is built upon SCALABLE’s newly re-vamped EXata high-performance parallel emulation kernel, also available in the upcoming EXata 6.0 release, which brings scalability to a new level. Performance, usability, and operational visualization are part of the significant improvements and enhancements in this release.


  • Re-architected the underlying simulation kernel to maintain leading edge scalability and process over 2 million messages per second
  • Ability to support thousands of tagged interfaces using VLAN-trunking together with enhancements to hardware –in-the-loop interfaces that provide the ability to  process Gigabits/second of external traffic
  • Ability to interface thousands of external live hosts, devices or applications while maintaining real-time performance


  • An enhanced and updated GUI with improved graphical performance
  • Revamped build architecture and improved APIs to facilitate custom code integration
  • Easier plug and play in building scenarios


  • Cyber-attack visualization including jamming, eavesdropping , distributed denial of service, and SIGINT
  • Support for multiple 3D file formats including Collada(.dae)
  • Advanced filters for customizing  visualizations


  • Improved shadowing model which provides more flexibility
  • Improved and updated TCP Model which provides higher fidelity and is compatible with the newest operating systems
  • Selected upgrades to tactical waveform models in support of scalability

JNE 4.6 is available now and includes the Blue Force Tracker (BFT), SINCGARS, EPLRS, WNW, SRW, WIN-T, MUOS, Mode 5, and other waveforms, as well as interfaces to OneSAF, other constructive simulations and live hardware and applications in the loop.

JNE is supported on 64-bit platforms running the development installations of CentOS and RHEL 6.x, CentOS and RHEL 7.x, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. 


Originally developed with DoD SBIR funding, JNE is available at no charge to approved government organizations and defense contractors and along with EXata, can be acquired directly from SCALABLE Network Technologies.