SCALABLE Releases New Version of Network Defense Trainer

Improved Features and Enhancements to Increase Productivity in the Cyber Range Environment

Culver City, CA (6 November 2018) — SCALABLE Network Technologies, Inc. (SCALABLE), a leader in wireless network design and optimization products, announced today the availability of version 3.0 of Network Defense Trainer (NDT), an innovative cyber training system. NDT integrates real and simulated cyber attacks, wired and wireless networks, live and virtual equipment and applications, and traditional kinetic warfare training simulators into a full, instrumented, synthetic cyber warfare training environment.

The NDT 3.0 release includes the ability to support features from EXATA 6.2 to be used in exercise preparation. This allows cyber warriors, network administrators, and command staff to visualize results in a new way while improving productivity and gaining a better understating of the impact of a cyber attack to their network and applications. NDT 3.0 also gives users the ability to better analyze dense deployment scenarios such as urban environments, by providing detailed information on the effects of environmental factors including weather, terrain, and building materials on coverage and signal propagation. This will improve the awareness, reaction time and ability to complete missions for our users, as they work through degraded cyber environments.

“As an industry leader, SCALABLE strives to consistently bring new technology and solutions to the marketplace while focusing on increasing the performance of our tools. SCALABLE is committed to enhancing existing capabilities, and improve the quality of our products,” stated Jeff Weaver, Ph.D., Vice President of Engineering. “In addition, SCALABLE migrates its products to ever-changing computing environments (hardware and software) to make the best use of the latest advances in computing technology.”

New Functionality

The NDT 3.0 release contains new features and performance improvements:

    • Wider computing platform support. Now available on Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04
    • Enhanced simulation engine and updates from EXata 6.2 including 802.11ax PHY and MAC Models to better model high node count and complex urban environments
    • Improved audio chat capability with broader browser support
    • Ability to customize and select multiple cyber-attacks from the library during exercise preparation
    • Expanded attack editor in Visualizer to provide additional attack information
    • Improved UI layout to simplify exercise control
    • Added selective mute functionality to suppress chat notifications during training sessions

Support for latest version of VR-Forces


NDT 3.0. is now available directly from SCALABLE and via authorized reseller and system integrator partners around the world. Professional services for system installation, integration into existing training environments, customization, and curriculum development are available separately.

For more information on SCALABLE solutions, contact the company at or call +1.424.603.6361.