SCALABLE Releases New Version of QualNet and EXata Modeling and Simulation Products

New and Enhanced Features To Our Network Digital Twin Technology

Culver City, CA (April 27, 2020) — SCALABLE Network Technologies, Inc. (SCALABLE), a leader in wireless network design and optimization products, announced today the availability of QualNet 9.2 and EXata 7.2. We have extended our market leadership in wireless simulation by offering the first version of our 5G simulation models. As global cellular networks evolve to 5G, they are enabling and expanding a more all-things-connected world.  SCALABLE’s 5G models also allow the user to understand their impact on user experience and on cyber situational awareness. Our digital twin offering continues to improve by offering an integrated UI that combines network topology and traffic data from live networks using third-party software such as Visio™, NA™, SolarWinds™, and NetFlow™, with device characteristics imported from sources such as IOS configuration files In addition, we also can replicate and scale network traffic input from common formats such as PCAP.

“Modeling and simulation are becoming even more critical to precisely understand and protect network operations, especially as industry moves towards 5G,” stated Dr. Jeff Weaver, Vice President of Engineering. “Simultaneously, we are committed to furthering our network digital twin capabilities for the assessment of cyber resilience, identifying and mitigating the risk of threats.  SCALABLE continues to invest in bringing our global customers the latest technology, including web-based models and services, automations to simplify creation of models, and advanced cyber M&S capabilities.”

New or Enhanced Functionality – The QualNet 9.2 and EXata 7.2 release contains the following new features.

  • New 5G model that support both the radio access network (NR, 5GB) and discrete core models that support the eMBB (Enhanced Mobile Broadband) use case becomes a valuable tool to study SA (Standalone) deployment and, together with LTE model, to study NSA (None Standalone) deployment. This includes key, cyber-related, 5GC components such as UDM, AUSF, AMF, SMF, UPF, and DM.
  • New IoT modeling capabilities with classic Bluetooth, 6LoWPAN/Thread (* in sensor library), and LE modes allow comprehensive simulation of Bluetooth communication performance, particularly in condition with interference from other wireless networks such Zigbee/802.15.4 and 802.11. This allows the ability to study network performance of evolving IoT environments.
  • Expanded set of real-world interfaces to support automated construction of Network Digital Twins. Three new Topology Converters, TC-SolarWinds, TC-NA interacting with Network Automation server, and TC-Nmap processing topology data from NMAP.
  • Ability to import and scale traffic loads by importing traffic information captured by NetFlow or from real network probes, directly into the simulation.
  • Emulation-level EIGRP implementation now allows simulated routers to be interconnected with live counterparts. This includes adding advanced features such as Inter AS Route Redistribution that are central to modern networks.
  • New browser-based applications that limit the amount of software required on every workstation. Scenario Analyzer is part of a growing ecosystem of new capabilities provided on a subscription basis.  Scenario Analyzer plots graphs and uses external terrain service (Cesium) to integrate geographic information with simulation results as a “heat map” to provide an integrated (“gods eye”) view of network performance as it evolves over time.
  • Upgraded propagation model capabilities and framework for customizing various interior environments. In 7.2, this generic modeling framework is used to calculate airplane cabin propagation losses, increasing the fidelity of scenarios such as networked entertainment systems under varying loads.


Both the QualNet 9.2 and EXata 7.2 network design and optimization tools are available now. They are supported on Microsoft Windows 10, Centos 7.6, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6, and Ubuntu 18.0. The upgrades are available free of charge to all customers covered under a current software maintenance agreement via their online download page.

For more information on SCALABLE solutions, contact the company at or call +1.424.603.6361.

About SCALABLE Network Technologies

Based in Culver City, California, SCALABLE provides network design, modeling and analysis tools, cyber training systems, and engineering support services to commercial enterprises, government and defense agencies, research organizations, and educational institutions around the world.

SCALABLE solutions integrate simulated virtual network models with physical hardware and applications, allowing users to reduce the time, cost and risks of developing, testing and deploying large, sophisticated wired and wireless networks and new communications equipment, and train personnel on cyber defense.

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