SCALABLE Releases New Version of QualNet and EXata Modeling and Simulation Products

New and Enhanced Features To Our Network Digital Twin Technology

Culver City, CA (August 22, 2019) — SCALABLE Network Technologies, Inc. (SCALABLE), a leader in wireless network design and optimization products, announced today the availability of QualNet 9.1 and EXata 7.1. The updated versions of SCALABLE’s advanced network modeling and simulation tools offer new Enterprise-level modeling and visualization capabilities with an advanced, easy-to-use interface.  These Enterprise improvements include router and data center models, edge technologies such as Wifi and encryption and improved cyber attack models for Supervisor Control and Data Acquistion (SCADA) networks.  We also extend our market leadership in Wireless models, Indoor Urban Propagation, L3 Switching and Cyber Tools.

SCALABLE continues to expand its network digital twin technology to improve management, performance and cyber resilience of networks in all domains, from commercial enterprise IoT to military networked systems operating from seabed to space,” stated Dr. Rajive Bagrodia, Founder and CEO. “The SCALABLe team remains focused on developing simulation technology and products to replicate live networks using high fidelity software models that align with the needs of our global customers.”

New or Enhanced Functionality –  The QualNet 9.1 and EXata 7.1 release contains the following new features.

    • RFC 2784 Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) – Enterprise router support for point-to-point Generic Routing Encapsulation for IPv4
    • Core enterprise Layer 3 Switch Model – Additional components to improve direct comparison of live network topologies to EXata scenarios using enterprise network models.  
    • Scripted Adaptive Attack Model – New conditional attack logic to provide modeler with capability to embed dynamic behavior for improved cyber-realism.
    • Wireshark-based Traffic Record and Replay Feature – Added the capability to inject traffic into an emulation from a PCAP-formatted file created by Wireshark.  EXata can also record external traffic generated in an emulation into a PCAP file for later use on a live or emulated network. This also includes a set of tools to scale, merge and de-dup PCAP files.
    • RFC 7868-compliant EIGRP Model Enhancement – Enterprise-level routing protocol models featuring MD5, SHA2 authentication, RTP support for EIGRP packets, route distribution support, and emulation mode updates.
    • Host Loopback Model – improved alignment of modeled scenarios and traffic captures to live counterparts by supporting capability to portray multiple loopback interfaces per host.
    • 802.11ax Indoor Urban Propagation Model – Added support for industry standard 802.11ax working group (WG) indoor propagation model to increase accuracy of propagation calculation.
    • Visio™ Import Facility – the utility now supports Visio VSDX (2013 and later) file format


Both the QualNet 9.1 and EXata 7.1 network design and optimization tools are available now.  They are supported on Microsoft Windows 10, Centos 7.6, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 and Ubuntu 18.0.  The upgrades are available free of charge to all customers covered under a current software maintenance agreement via their online download page.

For more information on SCALABLE solutions, contact the company at or call +1.424.603.6361.

About SCALABLE Network Technologies

Based in Culver City, California, SCALABLE provides network design, modeling and analysis tools, cyber training systems and engineering support services to commercial enterprises, government and defense agencies, research organizations and educational institutions around the world. 

SCALABLE solutions integrate simulated virtual network models with physical hardware and applications, allowing users to reduce the time, cost and risks of developing, testing and deploying large, sophisticated wired and wireless networks and new communications equipment, and train personnel on cyber defense.

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