SCALABLE Releases New Versions of QualNet and EXata Modeling and Simulation Products

Introduces More Flexible Pricing Structure

Culver City, CA (28 September 2015) — SCALABLE Network Technologies, Inc. (SCALABLE), a leader in wireless network design and optimization products, announced today the availability of QualNet 7.4 and EXata 5.4. These new versions of SCALABLE’s advanced network modeling and simulation tools now offer advanced Wi-Fi modeling capabilities, an improved statistics database as well as new cyber-attack analysis options in the Scenario Player visualization module.  With these releases SCALABLE is also introducing a new pricing structure, providing customers new, more flexible purchasing options.

“These releases are part of our ongoing commitment to bringing the latest innovations in modeling simulation to our customers” stated Jim Zierick, SCALABLE CEO.  “In response to feedback from both our commercial and military customers we are now enabling them to work with the latest advances in wireless technology and model large scale operational scenarios with the highest fidelity available.”

“With these new versions SCALABLE now offers a more flexible pricing structure allowing customers to better utilize their available computing resources as they model larger scale scenarios and add new users to their modeling and simulation teams,” said Christine Van Slyke, SCALABLE’s VP of Sales and Business Development.  “Our new policy was designed to give customer increased flexibility and a variety of purchasing options that were not previously offered. “

New Functionality

The QualNet 7.4 and EXata 5.4 releases contain new features and performance improvements.  Significant enhancements include:

  • Enhanced Interoperability among Wi-Fi models and increased support for the Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) model, providing high fidelity modeling at extended range and with higher throughputs.
  • Updated Wireless models which now include 802.11p PHY and MAC protocols, also known as Wireless Access in Vehicular Environment (WAVE).
  • A restructured statistics database for improved performance with larger scale scenarios and a new external events table, allowing the user to log every packet exchange.
  • Improvements to our Scenario Player visualization module (version 1.5) to better support customers doing complex cyber analysis by providing the ability to launch cyber-attacks from the Scenario Player canvas, a new tool for easily locating a node, and an attack history manager capable of recording all cyber-attacks as well as allowing attacks to be modified, cloned, re-launched or stopped.

More Flexible Pricing Structure

With the QualNet 7.4 and EXata 5.4 releases SCALABLE introduces a new pricing structure, providing customers new, and more flexible purchasing options.  Highlights of the new pricing structure include:

  • QualNet and EXata licenses now support unlimited processor cores, allowing customers to better utilize their available computing resources as they model larger scale scenarios.
  • New QualNet Plus and EXata Plus packages provide customers modeling larger scale operational scenarios with added modeling element and system in the loop connection capacity and the ability easily expand their scenarios by licensing additional model elements or system in the loop connections.
  • Customers can easily expand their modeling and simulation teams with licenses for additional QualNet and EXata users now available under a quantity discount structure. 
  • Server locked licenses now support users at remote sites over wide area networks with the purchase of one license for each remote access site.
  • Annual term licenses, including software maintenance and technical support, are now available to support demand for additional modeling and simulation capacity during project peaks or for shorter-term projects.


Both the QualNet 7.4 and EXata 5.4 network design and optimization tools are available now.  They are supported on Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8, and CentOS 6.6, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6 and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.  The upgrades are available free of charge to all customers covered under a current software maintenance agreement via their online download page.