SCALABLE Supports FDECO and Drone Communications ($1.5 Million)

FDECO Continues Leveraging JNE/EXata Simulation Platform to Implement Underwater Communications Modeling

Culver City, CA (4 May 2017) — SCALABLE Network Technologies, Inc. (SCALABLE) a leader in wireless network design and optimization tools, announced today that the company has received a $1.5 (including options) million Phase II.5 contract award from the United States Navy as part of the Forward-Deployed-Energy and Communications Outpost (FDECO) Innovative Naval Prototype (INP) project. The goal of this award is to develop the FDECO Integrated Simulator (FINS) using the Joint Network Emulator (JNE)/EXata modeling approach. SCALABLE will continue leveraging our simulation software to implement underwater communications modeling as it becomes increasingly critical to naval operations.

SCALABLE will enhance the networking and communication simulation capabilities of JNE/EXata and expand the library of channel and communication models. The resulting capability will be compatible with tools developed for JNE to allow for modeling and simulation of future FDECO concepts of operations that integrate FDECO with other communication networks. More specifically, networking models will be updated to support operations in a Disrupted, Disconnected, Intermittent, Limited Bandwidth (D-DIL) environment and additional models relevant to FDECO system operations. During Phase II, SCALABLE will develop a modular outpost model to support different types of nodes and the communications between them.

“Unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) are a low-cost surveillance and communication option that is finding increased use in commercial and military applications. One of the most important aspects of the underwater environment is communication for command and control of UUVs and other assets and the timely, secure transfer of sensor data,” stated Jeff Weaver, Vice President of Engineering. “As part of the project, SCALABLE will support modeling and communications envisaged in the FDECO program for risk mitigation, configuration management, network operations and mission planning which will help the Navy to develop capabilities to assure FDECO-supported missions. SCALABLE’s simulation software can be federated with other simulators making it the perfect choice to evaluate underwater network resiliency and performance, and their impact on the mission.”