SCALABLE Technology Platform Powers Award-Winning Army Modeling & Simulation System

– Joint Tactical Radio System Network Emulator Wins FY2012 AMSO “Cross Cutting” Award –

calendarLos Angeles, CA — SCALABLE Network Technologies, Inc. (SCALABLE), the leader in communications simulation technology, announced today that the Joint Tactical Radio System Network Emulator (JNE), which SCALABLE is developing under contract to the Department of Defense, has been recognized with the FY2012 Army Modeling and Simulation Award for “cross cutting” solutions. This award, one of the eight given annually by the Army Modeling and Simulation Office (AMSO), was presented to the Army Operational Test Command (OTC) at Ft. Hood, TX, who submitted the nomination. 

A “cross cutting” application is one that “cuts across” multiple disciplines and organizations, providing broad interservice value. The JNE program, managed by the Joint Tactical Networking Center (JTNC) based in San Diego, CA, supports their primary mission of providing “affordable, interoperable and secure tactical wireless networking in support of Service, multi-Service/Joint and coalition forces.” Part of a broad DoD mandate to operate using agile principles, JNE enables development engineers and operational commanders to plan and test new communications equipment and applications, and to train personnel on their functionality, using highly realistic, cost-effective lab-based simulation tools that increase effectiveness and lower risks. 

In the Department of the Army memorandum announcing the award, Donald C. Tison, Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff, G-8, stated that these

efforts are essential in providing our Soldiers with the best capabilities for their protection, their lethality, and their mission accomplishment.

Dr. Rajive Bagrodia, SCALABLE founder and CTO, offered his congratulations to the OTC on the award, stating:

the OTC has been a champion of using simulation for practical large-scale communications testing for a number of years, starting with the Battle Command Network Integration Simulation (BCNIS) program and now JNE. The successes they have experienced at the Network Integration Evaluation (NIE) exercises demonstrate the tremendous value of these efforts.