SCALABLE Updates QualNet and EXata Network Design and Analysis Tools

– New features enable more advanced virtual network models, expand the cyber assessment capabilities, and add enhanced 3D visualization –

dateCulver City, CA — SCALABLE Network Technologies, Inc. (SCALABLE), the leader in network virtualization technology for planning, testing and training, announced today the availability of new versions of the QualNet® and EXata® network design and analysis tools.  The QualNet 7.2 and EXata 5.2 releases include new functionality for building large scale high fidelity virtual network models of business-critical enterprise IT communications environments and mobile wireless networks, including new protocol and cyber assessment models, more statistics functions, and enhanced 3D visualization.

Similar to CAD applications for an architect, QualNet allows network engineers and communications planners to create highly realistic virtual models of all types of voice, video and data networks.  Data centers, Wi-Fi environments, global cellular networks, satellite links, sensor data acquisition systems and tactical battlefield radios can all be accurately emulated.  These models are used as the basis for simulating various operational “what if” scenarios such as bandwidth congestion and contention, link failure, signal interference, latency effects and other behavior, all of which enable engineers to better understand different design options and trade-offs.

EXata extends the QualNet functionality with the capability to integrate the virtual network models with live hardware and software.  This allows users to test and evaluate new equipment and applications at an enterprise scale without the risks and costs of acquiring and maintaining a large physical lab facility or proving ground.  EXata also supports the inclusion of cyber vulnerabilities and cyber defense elements into the virtual network models, which can then be part of simulation scenarios to evaluate the network’s resiliency to cyber attack.  

New Functionality

The QualNet 7.2 and EXata 5.2 releases include new functionality, issue resolutions and performance enhancements.  Significant new elements include:

  • Scenario Player:  the high resolution 3D graphical visualization tool is now a standard part of the EXata platform.
  • Cyber Library for EXata:  the library includes new models for Network Scanning and Port Scanning attacks, and enhancements to the ISAKMP-IKE, Denial of Service and Wireless Jamming models.
  • MSDP Support: the Multicast Source Discovery Protocol is a mechanism to connect multiple IPv4 Protocol Independent Multicast Sparse-Mode (PIM-SM) domains together.
  • TIREM Model Interface Library:  integration with version 3.40 of the Terrain Integrated Rough Earth Model (TIREM) from Alion Science and Technology Corporation, used for forecasting radio frequency propagation loss over irregular terrain and seawater for ground-based and air-borne transmitters and receivers, is now supported. 
  • Additional Statistics:  added interval-based message completion rates and average delay in the Application Aggregate Table.

SCALABLE remains committed to providing the tools engineers need to ensure their mission-critical, business-critical, life-critical networks perform effectively under all operational conditions.  Our continued focus on supporting the design and deployment of leading edge mobile wireless networks, and our unique cyber assessment capabilities, enable the world’s largest enterprises and institutions to evolve their communications environments with confidence.

Dr. Rajive Bagrodia, SCALABLE founder and CTO


Both the QualNet 7.2 and EXata 5.2 network design and analysis tools are available now.  They are supported on Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8, and CentOS 5.10, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9 and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. The upgrades are available free of charge to all customers covered under a current software maintenance agreement via their online download page. 


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SCALABLE network design tools are used by engineers and operators of critical infrastructure and mission critical environments to help ensure effective communications and network planning to save time and reduce costs.

The QualNet communications simulation platform is a network design tool used for planning, testing and training tool that “mimics” the behavior of a real communications network. Users can evaluate the basic behavior of a network, and test combinations of network features that are likely to work. The EXata communications simulation platform is a network emulator that lets you evaluate on-the-move communication networks faster and with more realism than any other network design tool.