STRATCOM Awards Contract for Cyber Warfare Training Simulation to SCALABLE Network Technologies

– Software Virtual Network technology provides realistic laboratory environment for simulating cyber attacks against networks –

dateCulver City, CA — SCALABLE Network Technologies, Inc. (SCALABLE), the leader in communications simulation technology, announced today that the company has received a contract from United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) for products and services to support cyber warrior training requirements.

The deliverables of the contract involve adaptations to the EXata/Cyber network simulation platform to meet STRATCOM’s specific objectives for the development of cyber warfare training systems.

The EXata/Cyber simulation engine allows users to create highly realistic “virtual” models of actual or planned communication networks in software. These “software virtual networks” can scale to thousands of simulated nodes and interconnect with live networks, provide an accurate laboratory environment for trainees to identify weaknesses, assess impacts, thwart threats and plan retaliation options. Users receive comprehensive experience in the protection of networks against cyber attacks. EXata/Cyber deployments are capable of modeling both wired and wireless environments and can be integrated with other simulators to enable assessment of overall mission effects of cyber warfare.

Advanced simulation technology is an ideal answer to the urgent need for a dynamic, realistic and affordable cyber training environment. As we demonstrate how powerful these flexible, scalable software networks are for addressing cyber readiness gaps, we are seeing excitement grow with stakeholders in both the defense and commercial communities.

Current simulations supporting the net-centric test battlespace do not accurately represent the impact of cyber threats and information operations.  StealthNet will help mitigate the risks that deployed net-centric systems will fail in unpredictable ways.  It will also help develop and test cyber defense strategies that will be effective in protecting Blue Force communications. The fundamental Science & Technology that will be advanced with this project addresses a vulnerability gap of high importance for the test & training communities.

Dr. Rajive Bagrodia, SCALABLE founder and CTO

SCALABLE will be publicly demonstrating how software virtual networks can be used in cyber warfare training at the MILCOM 2011 conference, November 7-10 in Baltimore, MD, booth 1124.