Origin and Evolution of Parallel Discrete Event Simulation: The Making of a Field

This paper on Parallel Discrete Event Simulation (PDES) provides some insight into the events and activities leading to the creation, evolution, and growth of the parallel discrete event simulation field, especially in its formative years in the last quarter of the 20th century. Driven by advances in underlying hardware and software technologies on the one hand, and the needs of increasingly sophisticated simulations on the other, the field has flourished from early problem formulations and innovative solutions to development and maturation of the technology to commercialization and application to real-world problems.  

Authors Mani Chandy, Jay Misra, Randy Bryant, and David Jefferson provide their perspectives dating back to their work in developing seminal algorithms. David Nicol and Richard Fujimoto, who have remained active researchers in the PDES field from its beginnings, provide their own personal perspectives on the evolution of the field. Finally, longtime PDES researchers and entrepreneurs Brian Unger and Rajive Bagrodia discuss the field as well as past and on-going commercialization efforts. Download the whitepaper: https://www.scalable-networks.com/white-papers




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