SCALABLE Network Technologies Launches its Tuesday Talk Blog Series

SCALABLE Network Technologies Launches its Tuesday Talk Blog Series

Posted November 19, 2018
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Today, SCALABLE Network Technologies launches its much anticipated, new blog series. Be on the lookout here Tuesdays, where we will be posting the latest news and insights regarding things such as Network Simulation and Predictable Communications, Cyber Resilience, and Simulation Best Practices. We will also discuss trending topics such as cyber resilience and underwater communications and their impact on your network.

Some specific posts that you may come across while following our blog will be:

– How to Build a Realistic Simulation Model

– Network Simulation Best Practices

– Network Design for Today’s Cybersecurity Climate

– Network Testing: Simulation vs. Emulation

As an addition to this series, watch for the CEO Spotlight: a series of special contributions from the desk of our CEO, Dr. Rajive Bagrodia. As founder and CEO of SCALABLE Network Technologies (SCALABLE), Dr. Bagrodia is a thought leader in the field of modeling and simulation, test and analysis, and assessment of the resiliency and impact of cyber threats on large scale networks.

Dr. Bagrodia founded SCALABLE Network Technologies in the wake of significant innovations from his research group at UCLA in the theory and practice of performance prediction for large-scale heterogeneous computer and communication systems. Professor Bagrodia saw the opportunity to translate that academic work into innovative products that provided much needed solutions to the defense community and the global commercial marketplace.

Since founding SCALABLE, Dr. Bagrodia has continued to lead the creation of innovative simulation-based test and analysis and cyber assessment capabilities for the US Department of Defense. His contributions have led to SCALABLE securing and delivering on numerous successful contract projects for the defense community. These contracts have also led to the creation of significant Government-Off-The-Shelf (GOTS) tools for the Department of Defense including the Joint Network Emulator (JNE) to model battlefield communication networks and StelathNet, a versatile model of cyber offensive and defensive operations.

As a credible leader, Dr. Bagrodia has published over 175 research papers in Computer Science journals and at international conferences on high performance computing, wireless networking, and parallel simulation and cyber threat assessment. His research was supported by large, multi-investigator grants from federal agencies including DARPA and NSF and he is also the recipient of multiple awards including the NSF Presidential Young Investigator award, the Army Acquisition community award in Modeling & Simulation, and multiple Best Paper awards.

SCALABLE Network Technologies is the leading provider of live/virtual/constructive communications/networking modeling and simulation tools across all domains (undersea-to-space). We deliver virtualization technology for development, analysis, evaluation, and training to military, governmental, commercial, and academic institutions. Our high fidelity, real-time simulation platform incorporates physics-based models of military and commercial satellite, tactical, acoustic and optical networks along with emulation interfaces for live/virtual/constructive integration. Our cyber behavior models provide a vulnerability analysis framework with configurable cyber attack and defense models for IP networks, weapon systems, as well as cyber-physical networks. SCALABLE’s solutions are used by our customers to assess the performance and cyber resiliency of networked communications environments, and support system lifecycle management and operator training.

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