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SCALABLE maintains a highly experienced group of technical professionals who are available to support customers and projects of any scale. SCALABLE employees’ core competencies include the use of network simulations, network emulations, and Live Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) models in the design, development, test, and analysis of computer and communications networks and network-enabled systems. SCALABLE has significant expertise in the use of modeling and simulation technology for computer network defense (CND), computer network offense (CNO) and full-spectrum cyber warfare. We have successfully completed several projects in the assessment of the resiliency or vulnerabilities of networks and communication-enabled systems to a variety of cyber threats. SCALABLE engineers have participated in numerous projects in system integration, architecture design and analysis, software development, mission planning, network management, training, and model verification, validation, and accreditation. Our expertise spans across tactical military communications and networks, enterprise networks, and cellular and wireless commercial networks. Our team has decades of experience in the preceding areas and half our highly skilled engineering teams have Ph.Ds in relevant areas of computer science, electrical engineering, math, and physics.

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