Contract Development Projects

SCALABLE engages in contract development projects for major aerospace and defense contractors, the DoD, and mobile network operators. These projects typically involve extending or adapting one of our standard simulation products to meet specific requirements that solve particular problems. Each SCALABLE team member has several years of experience in the networking, communications, system integration, modeling, simulation, and analysis domains. SCALABLE’s engineers are proficient in studying operational characteristics and elements of proposed and deployed networks and network-enabled systems and constructing high fidelity simulation models of such systems that run faster than real-time. These simulations provide predictive performance results of the target network or network-enabled systems with rapid turnaround.

The team also has expertise in developing detailed test scenarios and procedures in support of waveform and network testing, standards conformance testing and network management. This includes developing scenarios for large-scale DOD tests such as the Network Integrated Evaluations (NIEs). Each team member has years of experience in the design, development, and evaluation of computer networks and systems architecture and artifacts supporting both new and existing networks and systems. SCALABLE has assisted several Army Test agencies with Live-Virtual_Constructive based network testing, software data, and analysis. Our extensive background of experience includes knowledge of the JTRS networking waveforms including SRW, WNW MOUS, and WINT. SCALABLE also has strong skills in working with legacy radio platforms including SINCGARS and EPLARS. The waveform network management platforms are a particular specialty, as are conducting a WNW, SRW and Link 16 waveform Standards Conformance Testing.

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