Software Engineer II

We are actively looking for experienced software engineers to join our team where you will be involved in developing network scenarios, programming networking protocols and running large-scale simulations.

Key Job Responsibilities:

  • Expand and invent real-time network simulation and emulation products
  • Design network scenarios to analyze the best case and worst case performance of wired and wireless networks using high-performance multi-core and cluster computers
  • Develop simulation models for networking protocols based on standards
  • Create new tools and technologies to improve the design, analysis and deployment of wired and wireless networks
  • Test and evaluate network scenarios that integrate and interoperate software virtual networks (SVN) with real hardware (VoIP phones, routers and other customer equipment)
  • Document and communicate issues, risks and concerns to stakeholders, developers, sponsors
  • Work closely with cross functional teams to identify and resolve technical, business, and process related issues

Qualifications Required:

  • Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science Required; PhD preferred
  • High proficiency in networking concepts and good working knowledge of protocols ranging from MAC to Application Layer
  • Expertise in Layer 2 / Layer 3 protocols and technologies such as  VLAN/802.1q, 802.3,  802.11, Gigabit Ethernet, IPv6,  QoS, OSPF, BGP, PIM, VPN, and MPLS
  • Depth knowledge of how Layer 2/3 technologies are implemented on Cisco or open source routers such as Zebra and Vyatta
  • Knowledge of network security protocols is a plus
  • Knowledge of wireless communication technologies such as 3G UMTS, 4G LTE and ZigBee is a plus
  • Experience with modeling and simulation of Layer 2/3 technologies using QualNet/OPNET or ns2/ns3 is a plus

To apply, email your resume to

Direct applicants only. Agency applications will not be accepted.