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The US Air Force Combat Information Transport System (CITS) is a multi-billion dollar program to modernize USAF network infrastructure and management and network defense. CITS is responsible for information transport of all network traffic in the USAF, both non-secure (NIPRNET) and secret (SIPRNET), and handles digital voice, data, video, sensor, and imagery. The USAF is reducing NIPRNET outside connection ports, which provide access to the network. At these ports, high cyber security measures are absolutely necessary.

Hanscom Air Force Base

The USAF C3I Infrastructure Division (AFLCMC/HNI) has chosen SCALABLE’s EXata to model information transport infrastructure, including gateways, area processing centers, wireless networks and weapon systems. The ability of EXata to emulate military radios, mobile tactical communications, and cyber-attacks and defenses played a key role in this decision. Up to 40 end users at Hanscom AFB are utilizing EXata for this project.

The Air Force is using EXata to assist in building reliable models of the Air Force Network (AFNet) in order to identify potential 3rd and 4th order effects of changes to the network as new systems and capabilities are brought online to the AFNET. According to Dr. Tambascia, “EXata is a risk reducer on implementing changes to the AFNet by enabling the ability to build reliable network models.”

The benefits to the USAF from EXata include rapidly building software emulations of networks by importing Visio diagrams, then using these emulations to predict network performance resulting from proposed changes, improving connectivity and data exchange, adding new weapon system capabilities, and helping to assess and improve cyber security.

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