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The automation of mining equipment promises benefits that include improved safety, increased productivity, and reduced unscheduled maintenance. However, mining equipment is frequently on-the-move and must rely on wireless communication technologies to report status and receive commands. The wireless communications must work reliably in a hostile environment that includes ever-shifting terrain, an expanding underground labyrinth of shafts and levels, and interfering radio signals from other equipment. A loss of communication, even intermittently, might negate the gains in safety and productivity that are the goals of autonomous mining.

To address these concerns and improve autonomous mining, a major manufacturer of mining equipment used QualNet Network Digital Twin technology to model communications in a mining environment. Onboard sensors on the equipment continually report hydraulic pressure, temperature, RPM, filter status, to monitor machine health, maximize uptime, and reduce cost per ton. The wireless network relays the data among constantly moving equipment to a central monitoring system. QualNet was used to model signal to noise, interference, channel usage, packet loss, and packet delivery, and was used to optimize network parameters and improve autonomous mining. This helps the equipment manufacturer to ensure reliable network connectivity, thus improving productivity and minimizing equipment downtime and associated costs.

How Your Networked Enterprise Behaves Under a Cyber Attack Using Network Digital Twins

The webinar will highlight some key features and benefits of using network digital twins to prepare for a cyber attack including:

  • How network digital twins offer safe, scalable, cost-effective solutions
  • Mitigating operational impacts of cyber threats such as virus propagation, malware, and DDOS attacks
  • Why network planners use emulation to assess the performance of their networks under a diverse set of operation conditions

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Key Features of QualNet


Large Scale Simulation, Quickly


Model thousands of nodes

Model Fidelity

Accurate real-world behavior


Compatible with Windows & Linux


Connect other hardware & software

Commercial enterprises, educational institutions, and governmental organizations around the world all depend on reliable, effective networks to deliver business-critical, mission-critical communications, and information. SCALABLE maintains a highly experienced group of technical professionals to support customers and projects of any scale and solve challenging problems with our advanced network digital twin technology.

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