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Enterprise networks are crucial for connecting computers and related devices throughout the company, integrating systems, and managing essential data. These networks allow global enterprises, both large and small, to optimize their operations. Therefore, suffering a loss of availability resulting from cyber attacks can result in massive disruptions internally as well as with partners, vendors, and customers. Even a brief downtime can result in significant revenue losses.

Testing of the physical network itself is a time-consuming and expensive process. In many cases, it is not practical to subject the network to real cyber attacks to study their impact because of the potential damage they can cause to the system. Creating a network digital twin using our simulation tools provides a zero-risk, cost-effective way to assess the cyber resiliency of the network and improve management and performance.

As enterprise networks increase in complexity, they pose new challenges in ensuring the network’s cybersecurity: simply building a firewall around the on-site network may no longer be enough. To ensure that the network continues to provide services even when under cyber attack, it is critical to understand how it behaves under different types of cyberattacks and to pro-actively prepare counter-measures.

  • Attacks that compromise confidentiality can cause critical company data and user information to be leaked. Stolen intellectual property and operational data can be exploited by competitors, putting the company at a competitive disadvantage. Confidential user data can be sold on the dark web, resulting in damage to reputation, regulatory fines, and compensatory damages that may need to be paid.
  • Attacks that compromise integrity can corrupt critical stored operational, financial, personnel, and customer data. Regardless of the type of attack, if an enterprise network is compromised, it risks irreversible damage.
  • Network operators are well aware of the damage cyber attacks can cause and therefore employ a variety of defensive measures (firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), anti-virus software (AVS)) to protect their systems. But all too often, they treat cyber preparedness as a one-time measure, not fully comprehending the need to constantly test their system and proactively strengthen their defenses.


How Your Networked Enterprise Behaves Under a Cyber Attack Using Network Digital Twins

Network digital twins can emulate the cyber resilience of both wired and wireless networks (with their unique vulnerabilities), and safely assess the way attack surfaces and defenses can affect attack propagation through networks and ultimately impact operations. Watch the webinar to learn the benefits of using network digital twins to prepare for a cyber attack including:

  • How network digital twins offer safe, scalable, cost-effective solutions
  • Mitigating operational impacts of cyber threats such as virus propagation, malware and DDOS attacks
  • Why network planners use emulation to assess the performance of their networks under a diverse set of operation conditions

Creating a Network Digital Twin for Financial Institutions

Network Digital Twins can provide multiple benefits throughout the lifecycle of the physical networks they represent, including:

  • Improved performance by adjusting network configuration based on evaluating different options
  • Benefit analysis for upgrades
  • Safe environment for cyber security testing without affecting the physical twin
  • Safe environment for operational or cyber defense training
  • Evaluation of network performance, scalability, and cyber resilience prior to the large-scale rollout of new and evolving technologies

Providing Value for Financial Services

  • Network digital twin to better manage the full network perimeter and the associated vulnerabilities to prepare and predict outcomes of cyber attacks
  • Assess effectiveness of tools, techniques, and architectures for financial systems
  • Ongoing configuration management of the network
  • Integration with applications and external hardware to ensure application performance and consistency in user experience
  • Measure and improve system resiliency for assured business operations

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Cyber Testing

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Model thousands of nodes with parallel execution

Model Fidelity

Models simulate accurate real-world behavior

Commercial enterprises, educational institutions, and governmental organizations around the world all depend on reliable, effective networks to deliver business-critical, mission-critical communications, and information. SCALABLE maintains a highly experienced group of technical professionals to support customers and projects of any scale and solve challenging problems with our advanced network digital twin technology.

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