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Positive Train Control is an advanced system designed for collision avoidance, line speed enforcement, temporary speed restrictions, and rail worker wayside safety. It is essential to prevent train collisions, derailments caused by excessive train speed, and train movements through misaligned tracks.

Computer simulation is a particularly important and useful tool for evaluating different railroad improvement strategies. In general, the more modeling is done upfront, the less expensive the overall project will be since modeling enables the plan to be refined to its most essential elements.

Many mainstream manufacturers leverage our EXata network emulation software to ensure connectivity and model the interoperability of devices, interference, or network congestion that could affect safety, cyber vulnerability, performance, liability, and other critical issues. Additionally, our digital twin technology can help with optimization and performance capabilities for safety and ensuring connectivity. Our software is designed to test the network for positive train control by creating high fidelity, network digital twin to model existing and proposed train control networks and evaluate their performance.

EXata can scale to represent the entire train network and to assess the topology’s and protocols’ reliability under load and to find and fix bottlenecks. It integrates with live applications to easily assess the actual passenger experience and evaluate any degradation in network performance. Network emulation offers an efficient, cost-effective way to analyze the application and network performance, identify potential problems, understand the root cause, and assess alternative mitigation strategies. To ensure reliable and predictable communications, the analysis should leverage an at-scale, an accurate model of the network, and the operating environment. In other words, a positive train control model should represent, in adequate detail, the behavior of the network elements (protocols at different layers, mobility patterns, etc.), the communication environment (terrain, RF characteristics, etc.), and the applications running on the network. In short, EXata is helping the manufacturer optimize their networks to ensure reliability while reducing costs when designing and modeling the communications system for interoperable positive train control.

Creating a Network Digital Twin

Network Digital Twins can provide multiple benefits throughout the lifecycle of the physical networks they represent, including:

  • Improved performance by adjusting network configuration based on evaluating different options
  • Benefit analysis for upgrades
  • Safe environment for cyber security testing without affecting the physical twin
  • Safe environment for operational or cyber defense training
  • Evaluation of network performance, scalability, and cyber resilience prior to the large-scale rollout of new and evolving technologies

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Key Features of EXata

Real Time Emulator

Seamlessly interface with other live equipment and applications

Cyber Testing

Test the resiliency of your network to Cyber Attacks

Network Digital Twin

Test your network in a low-cost, zero-risk environment


Model thousands of nodes with parallel execution

Model Fidelity

Models simulate accurate real-world behavior

Commercial enterprises, educational institutions, and governmental organizations around the world all depend on reliable, effective networks to deliver business-critical, mission-critical communications, and information. SCALABLE maintains a highly experienced group of technical professionals to support customers and projects of any scale and solve challenging problems with our advanced network digital twin technology.

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