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Network Optimization In-Flight Entertainment

In 2010, SCALABLE was granted a patent that covers a mechanism for automatically reconfiguring a network. It was important for us to obtain this patent in order to maximize network performance and network optimization based on ongoing feedback from a real-time network simulation process. Remaining true to our core technologies, we focused on developing new tools that focus on network management and, more particularly, to systems and methods for modeling, simulating, and enhancing network performance.

Throughout the years, these new technologies became increasingly necessary for performing network modeling and simulation on communications networks and performing “what-if” analysis. Our emulation tool, EXATA, enables the ability to run real applications through the simulated network to see how they are affected by degraded network performance which is crucial for in-flight communications networks and many other systems. They must have peak network optimization and network performance capabilities for the safety and comfort of those aboard the aircraft.

For a manufacturer of in-flight entertainment systems, delivering an exceptional customer experience is of utmost importance. Airlines never want to experience a “dark aircraft” where the system goes down and they have to deal with irate customers on a long-haul flight. But these systems are becoming more complex. Passengers are expecting secure, broadband Internet connectivity in flight. Video resolution is now up to 4K, and passengers are using onboard wireless to stream content to their personal devices. New applications and games are further stressing the onboard network. On top of all this, there are security issues… does the network adequately protect against the danger of cyber-attack?

To address these concerns, EXata is being used by many mainstream manufacturers to model existing and proposed in-flight networks and to evaluate throughput, jitter, and application performance. EXata can scale to represent a large aircraft’s network, along with the satellite link to the ground. EXata is used to assess the topology’s and protocols’ reliability under load, and to find and fix bottlenecks. It integrates with live applications to easily assess the actual passenger experience and evaluate any degradation in network performance. The EXata Cyber library will also help assess the cyber security of the system. In short, EXata is helping the manufacturer optimize their designs to ensure reliability while reducing costs and speeding delivery of systems.

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