Automated Creation of Network Digital Twins

A network digital twin is a computer simulation model of the communication network integrated with its operating environment and the application traffic carried by it.

Digital twin technology offers significant value to an organization as it allows continuous access to the digital replica of a physical object or process throughout its lifecycle. The digital replica can be used for analysis which can provide insights and actionable information to improve the process or product in terms of optimized performance, cost effectiveness, readiness, or maintenance.

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See the whitepaper:

  • Understand SCALABLE’s approach to creating network digital twins by means of an example
  • Learn about our automated and semi-automated tools for rapidly creating digital twins of physical networks
  • How to use a network digital twin to analyze network performance and easily and safely study cyber attacks by launching simulated attacks

Download Whitepaper

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    Key Features of EXata

    Real Time Emulator

    Seamlessly interface with other live equipment and applications

    Cyber Testing

    Test the resiliency of your network to Cyber Attacks

    Network Digital Twin

    Test your network in a low-cost, zero-risk environment


    Model thousands of nodes with parallel execution

    Model Fidelity

    Models simulate accurate real-world behavior