Protecting Cyberspace During a War

Connecting two dimensions: the physical and network

Understand the real impact of Cyber Threats in order to accomplish the mission

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See the white paper to learn:

  • Identify the main events in space and time to provide situational awareness
  • Understand how Cyber Threats could produce damage to critical infrastructure that is essential for operations
  • Mitigate the impact of a Cyber Attack

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    Key Features of QualNet


    Faster speed enables model developers and network designers to run multiple "what-if" analyses.


    Our QualNet network simulation tool can model large networks with high fidelity.

    Model Fidelity

    Our network simulation tool uses highly detailed implementation of protocol models.


    QualNet and its library of models run on a vast array of platforms.


    Connect to other hardware and software applications to greatly enhance the value of the network model.