Live Virtual & Constructive (LVC) Technology for Large Scale Operational Tests of Net-Centric Systems

Simulating realistic situational awareness and command and control (C2) tactical environment to support operational testing

Wireless networks, especially mobile networks, are the most critical component of tactical communication infrastructures and the most challenging to defend against cyber attacks

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See the whitepaper to learn the goals of the Battle Command Network Integration and Simulation (BCNIS project):

  • Aims to leverage LVC technology to ensure that the COIs can be assessed in a realistic environment in the Initial Operational Test stage
  • Provide realistic network loading, situational awareness (SA), and command and control (C2) tactical environment for operational testing, without the costs and constraints of deploying a large number of physical units in the field
  • Develop the JTRS Network Emulator (JNE) using LVC technology to scale up the network under test effectively

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    Key Features of EXata

    Real Time Emulator

    Accurate real time network emulation Seamlessly interface with other live equipment and applications, hardware, network managers and other simulators

    Cyber Testing

    Test the resiliency of your network to Cyber Attacks Comprehensive wireless and cyber attack and defense models

    Network Digital Twin

    Digital Replica of Your Physical Network Understand the behavior of your network under a diverse set of operating conditions, including cyber attacks, in a low-cost and zero-risk environment


    Model thousands of nodes leverage parallel execution for scalability

    Model Fidelity

    Accurate real-world behavior Use accurate models to ensure your simulations represent true behavior