Network Modeling and Simulation in the Autonomous Car Era

Driverless cars, which navigate without input from their passengers, represent the next stage in the design evolution.

Network modelling and simulation offer advanced and highly effective testing for these critical and sensitive communications networks.

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  • The Advantages of V2X
  • Testing Challenges of V2X Network Communications
  • EXata, KATECH, and SCALABLE Simulation Modeling

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Key Features of EXata

Real Time Emulator

Accurate real time network emulation Seamlessly interface with other live equipment and applications, hardware, network managers and other simulators

Cyber Testing

Test the resiliency of your network to Cyber Attacks Comprehensive wireless and cyber attack and defense models

Network Digital Twin

Digital Replica of Your Physical Network Understand the behavior of your network under a diverse set of operating conditions, including cyber attacks, in a low-cost and zero-risk environment


Model thousands of nodes leverage parallel execution for scalability

Model Fidelity

Accurate real-world behavior Use accurate models to ensure your simulations represent true behavior