QualNet in Parallel Execution

How to Improve Performance in Network Simulation

QualNet is a network simulation tool ready for full parallel execution. No other company offers a discrete event simulation tool that is fully capable of parallel execution

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See the whitepaper to learn why QualNet is the only commercial network simulator that can support full parallel execution:

  • Smart Processing – increase the speed of simulation in sequential processors
  • Load Balancing – ensure that all processors are working equally hard
  • Maximization of Lookahead – better these objects can predict their future, the less overhead is required to synchronize their execution

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    Key Features of QualNet


    Faster speed enables model developers and network designers to run multiple "what-if" analyses.


    Our QualNet network simulation tool can model large networks with high fidelity.

    Model Fidelity

    Our network simulation tool uses highly detailed implementation of protocol models.


    QualNet and its library of models run on a vast array of platforms.


    Connect to other hardware and software applications to greatly enhance the value of the network model.